Prophetic Training

In the same way, when the Lord calls you, there are some seasons to pass through. We have already spoken at length about the preparation phase of the prophet. I shared that this phase ends when you get a conviction of your calling and you are released into prophetic training.The way of the prophet is one that goes through the cross, surrenders in death and rises up in resurrection power and authority. Deep inside you know that you have not gone through this hard road just to come out defeated. You have paved the way for others.

  • Your Next Season
  • Making the Transition
  • Death To Your Ministry Ambition
  • Face To Face Encounter with Jesus.
  • Understanding Prophecy
  • Prophecy Leading to Purpose
  • The Cry of the True Prophets.
  • Speaking to the next Generation.

 Lesson 1) Hearing the voice of our loving Savior is something that each and every believer should be able to do! In these lessons you will learn how to hear His voice in 7 different ways. This first lesson will cover the Urim and Thummim, a way to hear that Lord that you may have already been flowing in, but had no idea you were hearing the Lord.

Lesson 2) The Lord spoke frequently to His people all throughout scripture through dreams and visions? and He still does so today. Learn about this powerful way to hear His voice and decode His special messages to you through your dreams and by flowing in visions.

Lessons 3) Each and every believer has a well spring of wisdom just waiting to be tapped. Sometimes the best way to do that is to open your mouth! In this lesson, learn each of the different ways that you can hear and share the voice of the Lord through prophetic utterances like tongues and prophecy.

Lesson 4) Angels. Though they are mentioned in scripture, there are a lot of myths and mystery surrounding them. This lesson will give you a correct view of these messengers of the Lord, and how they can assist you in life and in doing the work of the Lord.

Lesson 5) In scripture, Elijah heard the voice of the Lord in a small, still voice. The Lord still speaks to us in that same gentle voice today. To hear Him however, you need quiet as you cannot hear someone speaking quietly to you when there is a lot of noise. This lesson will help you to familiarize you with the tender voice of our Lord speaking to you from deep within.

Lesson 6) One of the most precious gifts that the Lord has given to us is the ability to have a face-to-face relationship with Jesus. In this lesson, you will learn to truly encounter the Lord Jesus in an intimate way, and deepen your relationship with Him in the way you have always desired.

Lesson 7) One of the most visible ways that people encounter the voice of the Lord is with the gift of prophecy. This lesson will introduce you to this powerful aspect of prophetic ministry, and teach you to step out in faith to open your mouth to bless God?s people.

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"The Cry of the Prophet is a must read. This amazing and anointed book will give you insight and clarity concerning the life and ministry of the Prophet. Many have not come to understand the message and ministry of the Prophet. Well in these pages what you will discover is really what God shows and reveals to His servant the prophet. Prepare to be blessed as you read this amazing book.