On behalf of my wife and I. We want to thank you for becoming a "First Responder" We are now taking our  Ministry of intercession to the next level of response..Many are in serious need in the area of intercession. such as family in the hospital, serious diseases such as Cancer or other serious diseases.

First responders are committed and dedicated intercessors who have chosen to respond to vital and important prayer request for the purpose of interceding on behalf of the request that is sent. First Responders' is about Compassion, Conviction & Commitment. To respond to those who need urgent prayer.

We are looking forward to having you as a member. Our registration process is very easy, putting you moments away from enjoying all the exciting features of this ministry.

 First Responder spend the majority of your time. And that is covering the "Emergency Request" that are submitted on this page. Thank you for your Compassion as well as your conviction concerning the needs of God's precious people. We just have a few important things that you should know.  1) Every request is to be covered with the Word of God, therefore please find promises that are related to the need of the person your interceding for. 2) After you have covered the request. Please inform Kathy or myself that it has been covered by you. 3)  Spend time praising God for the victory of the person that you are interceding for.  


Again, we want to say thank you for  connecting with "First Responders" Your Agreement and your acceptance is so much Appreciated.